Single room with view of Schloss Kapfenstein

“I never liked journalists. I let them all die in my books. “(Agatha Christie)

In 1926, the marriage of Agatha Christie failed. After a quarrel she disappeared for 10 days and newspapers have given many possible reasons. Maybe that’s why this quote? For the time being she only wanted to recover from this troubled time in a hotel. This room in Klein – Holland could have been it – at least in our imagination. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the 20’s and find books by Agatha Christie and maybe Hercule Poirot, probably the most famous fictional detective in the world.

This room is 9 m² big or small (depends on your view). This also applies to the bathroom with shower and toilet. It reflects the history of the house with the former art glasswork and is dedicated to the most famous female crime author in the world.
This room is also ideal for accompanying children and teenagers as a separate children’s room.

1 Guest

Gladly also booked for accompanying children and young adults




shower, hair dryer and WC


Panoramic view of Schloss Kapfenstein