Feel good

“I have never experienced such peace and silence”

“You can hardly describe in words what place you find here”

…these and similar words we hear again and again from our guests. How can you describe something that is difficult to put into words – well – this is an experiment!

Klein-Holland is a unique place to feel good in the Styrian volcano country – near the Slovenian and Hungarian border. The hilltop location on one of the extinct volcanoes of this mystical environment allows a wonderful all-round view including a direct view to Schloss Kapfenstein.

A lot of peace, silence and a very special history awaits you here.

The house Klein-Holland itself welcomes you with a lovingly designed front garden with stone columns and a cozy terrace. The free guest parking is located directly on the little-used road close to the house.

The rooms are individually decorated, fascinate with a unique decor and some have a balcony.

Unlimited possibilities

Discover a variety of places for conversation and enjoyment. Decide whether you prefer the sun on the spacious sun terrace or shady places, in case of rainy weather or late in the evening to visit the spacious lounge or our Bacchus cellar bar. Enjoy a glass of wine, delicacies from the volcanic land and taste this unique region in the southeast of Styria – because the vitality that this region provides, conquers every gourmet!

Relaxation and wellness moments are offered by our house with tempered saltwater pool with Grander® water revitalization or in a big way one of the 5 thermal spas in the area. The power of the former volcanoes is just everywhere.

The pleasure region wants to be explored. Buschenschanken, winemakers and various gourmet factories in the area guarantee an enormous variety of local culinary surprises. Castles and palaces are visible witnesses of bygone eras, take you into another world and many sunny days and beautiful surroundings invite you to go cycling, hiking, running and discovering the region.

To experience everything at the same time is not always feasible. We look forward to seeing you again.

Our garden

In cooperation with nature, an approx. 3,000 m² large hillside garden for all the senses is being built on our premises. Let yourself be surprised and join us in the formation.

A small path leads from the house via a staircase to the pool area and then over the slope to the “guardian resting place”. The first stop for your personal “Volcano Country Retreat”. The “Guardian” is an old oak tree that was split during a storm in 2017. Discover the unique expression of the remaining tribe and enjoy the view of the surrounding vineyards and this indescribable peace.

At rest or during movement

Continue to the flatter area to the “Stone-Square”. The Stone Square offers you the opportunity to make full use of the volcano-power. Until your “batteries” are recharged or your connection to the earth is fully restored. However, you feel it, or enjoy, or use this place. It is all up to you to decide and you may also feel the need for exercise and relaxation in the open with yoga, Qigong or stretching exercises after the morning run.