Our history…

… starts in the 80s, when a couple from South Holland started to realize their vision of a special guesthouse with an art glasswork and museum … Klein-Holland here in Kapfenstein.

The house has been designed, built and brought to life piece by piece with great attention to detail. For this purpose, both sought to art and antiques markets in their former home for special furnishings, which shapes the whole house in an impressive way. Like every room, the decor and materials used have their own story.

Through friends and other, impossible-to-plan opportunities, antique wood and stone floors and special furniture found their way to them … and from there to Kapfenstein.

Lovely details

The floor of the Bacchus cellar e.g. was rescued from a 500-year-old church, where it should no longer be used and, together with pews, the self-designed and self-built bar, with its stools and tables, lends an extraordinary atmosphere.

In the attic of the house a bed with lion’s feet from Belgium found its place and gave the “Albert-room” its name, on the upper floor it was a heaven with the year of birth of Emperor Franz Josef, who set the crown on the “Sisi-room” and much more that underlines the unique atmosphere in Klein-Holland.

As a glass artist and glass painter (active also for the Dutch royal family) built the former landlord windows, doors, lamps and furniture in loving craftsmanship for the entire house. He applied his wife’s creative ideas with dedication and craftsmanship. Sketches and drafts of his work can still be seen in the house today.

Opening of the guest house

In 2006, the guesthouse opened as a family business and was growing in popularity, as were the workshops in stained glass and lead glass. The plans, to expand the house by a showroom with gallery and holiday apartments, the couple could no longer realize. In 2017, the decision was made to return home for private reasons, which unfortunately meant that the art glasswork and its courses could no longer be continued.

…and it goes on

The loving atmosphere of the house inspired and touched the Wöber family from the first moment and they took over the house in 2018 and continue it now in the sense of the builder. After a comprehensive renovation and restoration, which completely preserved the flair of the house, the expansion and remodeling of the already begun project started in the same year.

Our vision

…to create a place where many people can meet. A seminar / community / lecture / meeting / klausur / activity / energy center. The 110m² multifunctional room (divisible into 3 areas), the 270m² sun terrace, the 3,000m² hillside garden with relax areas. Our house offers many relaxation and wellness moments.

A community project

If you are interested in working together or if you would like to use this place for trainings, lectures, seminars, meetings, exams, dance, sports, pilates, taiji, yoga, ….. then contact us: info@klein-holland.at.

We look forward to your message, comments, questions and suggestions!