The history of the house

The story begins in the eighties, when a couple from South Holland began to realise their vision of a special guest house with an art glass factory and museum – ” Klein-Holland” in Kapfenstein.

The house was designed, built and filled with life, piece by piece, with great attention to detail. For this purpose, both of them searched for special pieces of furniture at art and antique markets in their home country at that time, which decorated the whole house in an impressive way. Like every room, the furniture and materials used have their own story to tell.
Through friends and other “accidental” occasions, antique wooden and stone floors and other special furniture found their way to them – to Kapfenstein “Klein-Holland”.

For example, the floor of the Bacchus Cellar was rescued from a 500-year-old church, where it was no longer to be used. Together with old church pews, the self-designed and self-built bar with stools and tables, the Bacchus Cellar was created with an absolutely extraordinary atmosphere. Today the room offers space for celebrations of a special kind – but definitely for joyful parties!

Lovely details

In the attic of the house a bed with lion feet from Belgium found its place and thus gave the “Albert Room” its name. The proverbial crowning glory is the enchanting bed in the “Sisi Room”, in the sky of which the year of birth of Emperor Franz Josef is written. The breakfast room also exudes a special charm on its guests – an exceptionally characteristic collection of over 20 teapots and other porcelain delights the viewer here.

As an art glass maker and glass painter (active for the Dutch royal house, among others), the former landlord built windows, doors, lamps and furniture in loving craftsmanship for the entire house. He implemented his wife’s creative ideas with dedication and skill.

In 2006 the guesthouse ” Klein-Holland” opened as a family business and enjoyed growing popularity, as did the workshops in stained glass and leaded glass. The couple could no longer realise their plans to extend the house with an exhibition room with gallery and holiday apartments. In 2017, the decision was made to return to their old home for private reasons.

Change is the only constant

Reinhard had been looking for a special place for a few years to realize his vision of a platform especially for his own lecture, seminar and workshop offers. But also for others and their offers it should be a place of self-discovery and realization.

This house touched and inspired him from the very first moment. So in 2018 the takeover was clear and the new owner for this wonderful house was found. After an extensive renovation and restoration – which completely preserved the flair of the house – the extension and new construction of the current basement started in the same year. This includes the reception, “THE SPACE”, the apartment as well as the wellness and fitness area, the 270m2 outdoor terrace, pool and 3000m2 hillside garden. A thoroughly comprehensive project, which to the delight of Reinhard, the guests and the neighbours, was a complete success!

The love for detail is still continued today, because inside the house as well as outside in the gardens and terraces, there are many beautiful places to sit, feel good and linger. If you go on a tour of discovery around the house, you will discover different gardens and seating created with great love. Truly a place to arrive!

New ideas & a vision

Since 2020, the place has offered space for a young couple – Reinhard and Susanna – but above all, space for a common vision.

Their vision is to create a place where people come together, a place where you can truly arrive (especially to yourself) and stay, a place where you can find inspiration and maybe even wonderful friends. It is the vision of two people who appreciate nature and who have created and continue to create an enchanting realm in thanks to nature – for example, a permaculture garden. Also the guests shall be served with the fresh fruits of nature – in the truest sense of the word – with self harvested tomatoes and peppers which in turn end up at the breakfast table. Different offers (lectures, seminars, courses) in private as well as for companies, should give like-minded and curious people access to exciting and inspiring topics.

For Reinhard and Susanna, this is probably just the beginning and every day something new may arise. We are looking forward to your stay with us!